Stephanie Powell: “Why doing nothing can improve everything”

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Stephanie Powell is a Wellness Coach and Intuitive Therapist based in Yarm.

She works with a wide range of issues from phobias and anxiety to helping people, women in particular, start living a life that best serves them.

Here she advises how stopping every once in a while can get you started on what you really want to achieve.

THIS morning my day started at 4.20am (for reasons I won’t go into!). As a busy working mum I need to be three steps ahead with my day and ‘headspace’ can be a little on the luxurious side at times.

In order to keep myself relatively sane and focused on the tasks at hand, I take time to STOP … I take a few deep breaths and ‘punctuate’ each ‘activity’ or ‘segment’ of my day with a PAUSE …

How do I do this … ?

… Well, I sit in the car for five mins doing NOTHING (usually hiding!) before I get out … I sit down for a while after the breakfast rush and before I get dressed (even in a rush, three mins won’t break the ‘time bank’!)… I stop while walking the dog and take in the surroundings and before shouting the kids for dinner, I take a minute or two longer and STOP – I take time to re-centre myself, my focus and ground my energy before I move on…

By taking this time, it keeps me present which means each step forward is a conscious step towards being calm and productive rather than scattered and frenzied. This also helps me to be both what I want and need to be for myself, my family and my work.

I’m sure many of us know only too well that feeling of trying to do five things at once and then either not achieving anything because we’re going round in circles or we complete our tasks but come out the other side like a screaming mad woman … sound familiar?

If we take the time to stop, breathe, collect and focus on one thing at a time we become more productive, efficient and a much nicer human being!

“A gentle breeze blowing in the right direction is better than a strong pair of oars …”
Canary Island proverb

Recent studies have shown that one of the biggest contributing factors to stress is multi-tasking – yup that’s right, the thing we women most admire in our capable selves, is the one thing that’s driving us towards a breakdown!

So although I can be a little crazy sometimes, I’d be crazier if I didn’t do this!

So today … break things down, punctuate your day with a pause or a full stop, take a few deep breaths … re-centre your energy and relax before you move on … your headspace (and those around you) will likely be thankful for it!


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