VIDEO: Dry January – the booze and bread ban has begun

Happy New Year!

I raised a glass of bubbly with a meniscus on it last night because it’s the last drop of alcohol that’ll be passing my lips during January. And I savoured every sip as the prospect of going cold turkey is as much fun as eating cold turkey – very dry.

This is the third year I’ll have banished the booze (we do abstain throughout September too) and I always feel nervous at the beginning as the 31 days stretch out in front. It’s too daunting to think of it as a diet or a detox but I know I’ll be fine and feel so much better for it at the end – I always do.

My motivation is weight loss – I would never dream of eating a doughnut or a cream cake but plonk a large glass of Chardonnay in front of me and it’s a different story despite being just as calorific.

Wine is my weakness, it’s my crutch, it’s my thing but it’s a bad habit. With two young children I don’t go out very much so I can justify on any day of the week that I’ve earned a drink. It could be after looking after the kids on my own, unwinding from a stressful day at work or because I’ve managed to record reruns of Sherlock on ‘series link’ – whatever the occasion I can justify to myself that I’ve earned it. Well done me.

But I know that I’m now in the camp of so-called binge drinkers who aren’t humiliated by falling out of nightclubs and puking on pavements  – I’m one of the ones you don’t see who does it at home behind closed doors and who thinks that because they don’t end up in A&E that they are somehow different.

And I know deep down that alcohol is a drug, that I’m putting myself at risk of all types of unsavoury diseases and, most worrying to me, I wonder what my gorgeous 10-year-old daughter thinks of me with my fingers curled around the stem of a wine glass most evenings? She’s proud that she’s a mini-me but I’m conscious that I might be a very bad influence over her and that make my heart lurch.

So these are the five reasons why my corkscrew will be gathering dust during Dry January:-

  • I still say I’ve just had a baby but Felix is three-and-a-half so I need to get a grip and lose that weight. It’s not just the alcohol that’s fattening but it’s the crisps I munch while glugging and the stodge to mop it up with the morning after
  • My skin looks better, I feel more alive and I think I’m calmer booze free
  • The noise of our empty bottles being tipped into the recycling lorry can be heard from miles around
  • I need to cut back for health reasons  – I know I consume more units than I should
  • I want to be a good influence to my children, especially Maisy who’s 10 – I want to inspire her for all the right reasons.

I’m not sure who’s idea this was but I’ve also agreed to going carb-free too – even typing out those words makes me shake my head and pine for a Panini. I love bread in all its forms but I think I’m gluten intolerant and a month without will certainly do me no harm. I could write an entire blog post about the happenings  – or lack of – in my digestive system but, suffice to say, it’s time I took some responsibility and tried to do something about it.

I’m going to vlog every week about my experiences  – hey I might even enjoy it – and…in my dreams… I might even share a favourite recipe or two.

If you’re having a Dry January too or you’re giving up anything else for the month then good luck and please tell me your success stories. Knowing me I’ll just swap one vice for another…..Quality Street anyone?








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