VIDEO: Dry January pt 2: have I caved into Cava and carbs?

AFTER a very wet December (it was pouring with alcohol), Dry January has arrived and my first week booze-free is over – surprisingly I’ve really enjoyed it.

Did I crack without Cava or pine for Pinot? No, because I’ve given up carbs for the month as well and coping with that curveball has taken up all my thoughts. Any fleeting notion of a sneaky tipple has been overshadowed by what on earth are we going to eat tonight?


A ban on bread, potatoes, rice and pasta is a big deal. I am a carb girl but with a suspected gluten intolerance I’ve turned into a picky person  – someone who reads the back of packets and scans menus for food that agrees with their delicate digestive system.

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And I feel so much better for it – I don’t have a gurgling tummy as I lie bloated in bed and my body shape is already starting to change ever so slightly. We’ve had to be quite inventive with what we’ve cooked each night but it’s been fun and got us out of our food rut.

And the booze? We have a wine rack overflowing with Chardonnay since Christmas but, tempting as it is, there it will stay for the next few weeks. My skin is looking a lot less parched and sallow as I’m taking more care of myself with face masks and bubble baths. I’m feeling really perky, full of positivity and energy.

There’s been a huge knock-on effect by cutting a few things out of my diet – no bread equals no butter or creamy coleslaw and avoiding wine means there’s no urge for crisps or cheese and biscuits.

It dawned on me today that the results have been so good – I’m actually enjoying it –  that we can’t stop once Dry January is over. I’m not giving up alcohol for good but my body’s telling me that my love affair with bread has come to an end. Which is sad but happy too. If going without the odd naan bread and cutting down on the Sauvignon Blanc means I feel happy and healthy then 2016 looks exciting already.

I’ll raise my glass of Shloer to that.