Booze ban begins and UK Blog Awards finalist

HAPPY New Year! It’s only three days into 2017 and already I feel giddy about the exciting possibilities that lay ahead. Last week I was perspiring Prosecco, this week I’m stone cold sober but already celebrating.

The end of 2016 was bumpy for a couple of reasons, mainly because I suddenly lost my job which really knocked my confidence and creativity. It’s funny how fate plays its part in life though  – despite throwing my net far and wide it was people I already knew who offered me work that’s very exciting. As well as being a writer I’m also a freelance BBC radio producer and wear my lanyard with pride!

It was a real life lesson in how precious my reputation is – and how this blog is the best CV I could ever have.

So 2017 is looking good. My husband Matthew and I are on our annual health regime with an added incentive this year – we’re off to visit my sister and her family in Los Angeles in a few months. Instead of just Dry January we’re having a Frugal February too  – two months of no booze or bread 🙁 As daunting a prospect as it feels so early on, the fear of being harpooned on Venice Beach is a wonderful motivator.

Last year I vlogged and blogged my alcohol abstinence journey so if you are doing it too, these posts might come in handy. I managed to lose 10lbs last time and felt so much better for it, not only were my clothes looser but I slept soundly, my skin was clearer and Matthew and I bickered less. Result.

VIDEO: Dry January – the booze and bread ban has begun

VIDEO: Dry January pt 2: have I caved into Cava and carbs?

VIDEO: Dry January pt 3 – a very productive week

VIDEO: The last push – Dry January pt 4

VIDEO: Dry January pt 5 – sobering thoughts about the alcohol industry

VIDEO: Dry January pt 6 – the big weigh-in and other revelations

Another momentous reason for welcoming in the New Year is that I’m a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2017 in the media category! Thank you so much to everyone who voted, deciding on a winner is now in the hands of the judging panel. Not only is it a big honour and a thrill but it has given me a real confidence boost.

Apart from my two babies, the blog is the only other thing that’s really mine and another of my greatest achievements.

How are you planning to make your mark in 2017? The magazine has always been dedicated to  inspirational women in the North-East so I’d love to celebrate even more of you. Cheers!

Express North magazine is a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2017

Express North magazine is a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2017




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