Clinical psychologist Dr Matilda Moffett reveals her thoughts

AS a doctor of Clinical Psychology at Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital, Matilda Moffett works with people suffering from a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, OCD and eating disorders.

The consultant tells Express North about the importance of trust and why therapy is becoming more socially acceptable.

What did you want to be growing up?

A vet. I grew up in the Derbyshire countryside surrounded by animals and love the outdoors.

How did you end up in the job you’re doing now?

It wasn’t easy. I had to train for seven years including volunteering in my first assistant psychologist post in Liverpool. I then moved to the North-East to start my first qualified Clinical Psychologist post – that was nine years ago now, time flies!

In 2010 I started my own private practice working from the Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital in Jesmond.

Have qualifications got you where you are, has it been sheer hard work and talent or a combination?

Certainly a massive dose of hard work and tenacity is needed to get through the training, along with a dash of talent. I feel it helps to be sensitive and have good interpersonal skills, luckily I love working with people and feel this comes naturally.

Do you feel pressure to be a role model to others?

I don’t feel a particular pressure, but I am aware that psychology is a very popular but competitive profession and I am lucky to have achieved what I have to date, so maybe others would look to follow as similar path.

Do you prefer networking on social media or face to face?


What is a very underrated business skill?

I think a skill which can contribute greatest to a business but can sometimes be side-lined is the ability to develop trusting relationships with customers and other businesses.

How will your industry evolve over the next five years?

I feel that the demand for private psychological therapy is steadily increasing and this trend is set to continue. I believe this is partly due to increasing awareness of mental health services and how these services can resolve impacts on wellbeing from the pressures of modern day living.

I think that more and more people are finding therapy to be more approachable and socially acceptable, visiting a therapist to look after your mental health is now not so out-of-the ordinary, just as a person would approach a doctor to look after your physical health, it is slowly becoming more normal.

Which person (alive/dead, celebrity or not) would you like to work with?

Dr. Susie Orbach, Psychotherapist – I have a lot of respect for her as she has done a lot of work on raising awareness of women’s body image and eating disorders.
What’s one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I have a full motorcycle licence.



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