Designing jewellery that gets better when it breaks

CREATING bracelets that are meant to snap has created a booming business and a celebrity following for Claire Walker, founder of Wish Upon A String.

While some jewellery is precious as it’s intended to be treasured forever, the sentimental meanings behind Claire’s pieces become extra special when they can no longer be worn.

Beautifully presented on decorative cards, charms are inscribed with birthday wishes or positive affirmations with the ingenious tagline

‘Tie your bracelet on your wrist and when it snaps your wish exists’

Claire, (pictured above) from Middlesbrough, came up with the idea after being given a piece of string with baby feet attached just after having her first child.

“I had heard of ‘wish strings’ before and worn them a few times, but there seemed to be such a lack of presentation in their appearance.

“So I started off attaching them to plain cards handstamped by myself for £1. Looking back I sold them well but my profit margins were way off, and the process so time-consuming so with the help of a friend, we started printing and designing cards, in a quirky floral print with the tag line ‘tie your bracelet on your wrist, when it snaps your wish exists’.”

She started hand-stamping the metal charms to mark numerous occasions but the business really took off when she launched the website in 2014 and has never looked back. Her unique range is stocked in various boutiques and online shops in the UK and in America through Etsy.

She’s had interest from vendors from Dubai and Australian and this year is looking at introducing new charms in sterling silver, rose gold and nickel free.

She added: I’m expecting my second child in June this year, but rather than think about slowing down, maternity leave will no doubt give me the creative boost to launch a few more products and grow the brand even further. Both personally and professionally there are going to be exciting times ahead!”



Instagram: @wishuponastring