Models of Diversity take #disabilityfight4fashionright on tour

MODEL campaigner Katie Knowles is fighting for change in the fashion industry – if one in six people is disabled why aren’t they fairly represented in the fashion industry?

She and her fellow Models of Diversity have lobbied Parliament and now they are highlighting the issue around the country. Katie is will be setting up a pop-up stand outside Eldon Square in her home city of Newcastle on Saturday, February 6, to explain why the issue is so important.

Katie spoke to Express North last year, read her incredibly inspirational story here:

They only have until March 23 to gather 10,000 signatures -the trigger for Government looking at the issue seriously and but must reach 100,ooo for it to be debated in Parliament.

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What are Models of Diversity campaigning for? 


“We are 4 disabled women addressing exclusion of disability in Fashion.1 in 6 people are disabled = not represented.
Government must enforce&regulate strict guidelines to the multiple areas of this industry.Current employment/discrimination legislation is not adhered to. Below = proposed solution”

•Government must regulate employment of models with a disability to adhere to current employment/discrimination legislation failure = consequences.
•LFW casting must be offered to Dis-Models.
•Modeling agencies must represent 1 Dis-Model to every 5 Able-Models


For every 5 Able Models employed 1 Dis-Model must be employed
•LFW designers
•Online brands
•Highstreet & Supermarket brands – same ratio for mannequins.
•TV Fashion Items
•Fashion content in magazines

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Deadline: 23 March 2016
All petitions run for 6 months

TITLE PICTURE CREDIT: Rebecca Raistrick Photography



Twitter: @ModsofDiversity #disabilityfight4fashionright