The Cassettez – girl power one way or another

BULLIED as a teenager, a talented musician who was discovered on YouTube is putting the girl power back into today’s music scene with her band, The Cassettez.

With their debut single, Zombie Disco, released today, the four-piece is more likely to be found getting sweaty on the dance floor than pouting in a corner for Instagram.

Inspired by pop rockers from Green Day to Blondie their rebellious style promotes confidence and positivity with a liberal sprinkling on fun.

Lead singer and guitarist, Bex Lapping from Sunderland, said they are determined pave the way for other girls wanting to be original.

Now 20, Bex was a soloist singing and playing acoustic guitar on YouTube when two years ago her video was seen by music producer John McLoughlin who is credited for spotting chart toppers Busted and McFly.

He put her in touch with Melissa Bentley (guitar and vocals) who knew Nia Underhill (drums) and Sian Rees-Jones (bass and pictured above, right, with Bex) and they formed a band.


THE CASSETTEZ: Clockwise from top left – Melissa Bentley, Bex Lapping, Sian Rees-Jones and Nia Underhill

ON STAGE: Lead vocals and guitar Bex Lapping from Sunderland.

ON STAGE: Lead vocals and guitar Bex Lapping from Sunderland.

For Bex, it was a thrill to return to Whitburn Academy back in her hometown. “I was bullied a lot at school and moved to Whitburn in my last year which was fantastic.

“They knew how much I loved my music and didn’t hold me back.”

Now working on their debut album, they have already had success with their first outing X-Ray Eyes, and performed in front of thousands at the Total Access festival in Cheshire.

As a warm-up to their planned headline tour, they attracted a new following of fans by playing at schools this summer.

“We want to bring our sound to people, especially kids who might not be able to go to live gigs.

“At school age you’re very susceptible to the media and images out there and we want to encourage young people to just be themselves.

“Most girl groups just sing and dance but we all play instruments and we are got a great response on tour.”

Although she is now best known for playing guitar, Bex is also highly accomplished in piano, violin, trumpet and saxaphone.

“I knew from a young age that I wanted to me a musician. My parents really supported me down that path as they knew how much I wanted that dream,” she explained.

“Our style is pop-punk, it’s very different to what’s being played at the moment. We are trying to get into a that’s very male dominated and we want to use that to our advantage as we are very strong women.”

POP-PUNK: Bex Lapping worked the crowds at festivals this summer.

POP-PUNK: Bex Lapping worked the crowds at festivals this summer.

DRUMMER: Sian Rees-Jones

DRUMMER: Sian Rees-Jones

By standing out from the crowd they have attracted Twitter trolls which has made Bex and her fellow ‘punk princesses’ more determined than ever.

“I know that as being the front woman I will be critiqued the most, people have said some not nice things on Twitter but these are people who do not know themselves.

“Our message as a band you do not have to look a certain way. If you want to be curvy or if you want to be skinny – that’s fine.

“Because of social media the pressure of body image is starting at a younger and younger age. Hopefully we will make girls feel confident about themselves and be positive role models.”

The debut single by The Cassettez , Zombie Disco, can be downloaded now.