“Achieving at university makes me prouder than losing weight ever could”

The number on the scales has fallen and, I am finally starting to accept myself the way that I am – warts and all, writes guest blogger Vicky Randall who is trying to lose five stone.

I’m now 6lb further down the line than I was (this is after lots of giving up and starting again) and I’ve realised how much pressure I’ve been putting on myself – and how much that affects my moods.

“After having a little cry to myself in a changing room, I had to give myself a figurative slap around the face.”

We all need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves about this, having a little belly does not have an effect on the type of person you are. Loving yourself for exactly who you are, I think, is one of the hardest things for women to do, and it is so, so important.

We can eat carbs without feeling bad about it, we can have a lazy day without beating ourselves up, we can stuff our faces with chocolate when it’s our time of the month, and no one should have any say about it!

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I’m not going to lie – losing weight can feel good; when I stepped on the scale each week and that number was a little bit less, it had the potential to make my day. But one thing we do need to be aware of is that it is not the most important thing if that number isn’t going down.

“Getting high grades at university has made me more proud of myself than losing weight ever could, and I think that that is one of the best and healthiest things that I have ever said.”

The best thing you can do is to eat healthily and look after yourself. Honestly. The only person you need to impress is yourself.