Heartfelt Stephanie runs Subway 5k with girls after family heath scares

HER dad had a heart transplant and her mum had a stent fitted so Stephanie Kaier and her daughters will be running to raise awareness of heart disease after their life-saving treatment.

Together with Gabrielle, seven, and Emily, three, she will be taking part in the Subway Helping Hearts Family 5k fun run on Newcastle town moor on Sunday, September 4.

In 2003, Stephanie’s father Paul, now 61, suffered a heart attack which left him with a heart infection. Seven months later he received a heart transplant, and was able to return to work after successful treatment.
“It was a real shock. He was working away and had no obvious signs of heart disease except from a few chest pains. After his heart attack he slowly deteriorated, but the new heart changed his life. If it wasn’t for the donated heart, he wouldn’t be here,” said Stephanie, a mental health nurse in Sunderland.
Her mother, Jackie, has also experienced heart problems. Three years ago, Jackie, a fit and healthy 57-year-old woman who did not smoke or drink, had a stent fitted on her heart after blockages were discovered.
Her parent’s heart issues inspired 35-year-old Stephanie from South Shields to change her lifestyle, after her father’s heart attack, she quit smoking and is now a keen runner. She will also take part in her third Great North Run this year, and has completed several 10K events.

The 5K series connection with Heart Research UK was important to Stephanie and her daughters who will be joining her on the start line.  This year’s 5K will be Gabrielle and Emily’s first race and they are eager to win a medal for running, just like their mum.

“It’s great to take part in the run with the girls to help raise awareness of heart disease and have a lovely family day out too. It’s also a good way to help teach the kids about being fit and healthy and looking after their hearts,” Stephanie added.

For information and to register for the Subway Helping Hearts Family 5k fun run click here.




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