“I love the feeling of helping people improve their lives”

WHEN Lisa Pearson did the Cambridge Weight Plan she didn’t know that it would turn into a new job. She explains why she’s so passionate about the diet and helping others.

What did you want to be growing up?

An international show jumper like Harvey Smith, a forensic scientist (I used to watch Quincy) or a Nanny because of Mary Poppins. My mum said I should just go for Mr Benn as I could change my hat everyday and have a different job.

How did you end up becoming a Cambridge consultant?

I didn’t like being a civil servant and was looking to earn enough money to drop a working day. I did the Cambridge Weight Plan, lost weight and my consultant approached me with the opportunity. I love people, enjoy helping people to feel better about themselves so I thought I’d give it a go.

  • The Cambridge Weight Plan – what is it?
    • As a low-calorie, structured diet it is focused around branded products including shakes, bars, soups and porridge. They contain carbohydrate, protein fat and fibre as well as more than 30 other nutrients
    • They can be used on their own for fast weight loss or they can be used in tandem with normal meals for a more gradual weight loss
    • The programmes range from 600 calories a day to more than 1500
    • It used to be called the Cambridge diet and was developed by Dr Alan Howard at Cambridge University as a method of rapidly losing weight

Have qualifications got you where you are, has it been sheer hard work and talent or a combination?

I went to Kettering to train to be a Cambridge consultant and then had to pass six modules. The company also provide on going training and support.

I started in July 2010 working out of my kitchen at home in Stockton. I told everyone I knew, used the Cambridge website and did some leaflet drops. My business grew and during my first year I earned enough for a family holiday, during the second year my turnover doubled and during my third year it doubled again.

I moved into a shop in Hartburn and now see between 20 to 30 clients each week. I believe my business has grown due mostly to word of mouth. Although I was ‘trained’ I don’t think I really learned how to be a good consultant until I began seeing clients. I see so many from all walks of life, both male and female.

During their appointment they can tell me anything, it’s completely confidential. I think some people come just for a chat, it’s often easier to talk about issues with someone you don’t know very well. I am passionate about Cambridge Weight Plan, I love the feeling of helping people improve their lives. I had someone whose sleep apnoea disappeared and then was able to apply to be an offshore medic – amazing stories.

Cambridge Weight Plan consultant Lisa Pearson with models of what 1lb and 5lbs of fat looks like

Cambridge Weight Plan consultant Lisa Pearson with models of what 1lb and 5lbs of fat looks like

Do you feel pressure to be a role model to others?

I don’t feel pressure but I do try to keep an eye on my weight as I do feel like I have to look like I’m winning the weight loss battle. All my clients know that I do have off days as its unrealistic to pretend I’m perfect.
Do you prefer networking on social media or face to face?

I don’t ever want to be that person who talks of nothing else but my business so I usually prefer social media and I try to only update weekly.

A selection of the Cambridge Wight Plan shakes available

A selection of the Cambridge Wight Plan shakes available

What is a very underrated business skill?

In my business its giving someone our time – to me it doesn’t matter if they spend £5 or £50, or if they want to chat for 15 minutes or an hour they get the time they need to help them achieve their goals.

How will the weight loss industry evolve over the next five years?

As the rise in obesity looks set to continue there will be a greater need for weight loss plans. Cambridge Weight Plan has been around since 1986, it is constantly evolving, new products and plans to give clients greater choice. I now have a team of five consultants, I hope to help them grow their businesses & also grow my own.
Which three people would you like to work with?

I’d love to work with Richard Branson, Peter Jones and Karren Brady.

What’s one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?
I’d really love to have an interesting answer to this but as I’m an open book I don’t think I do anything which would surprise anyone. Even drinking pickled onion juice 😉


For more information about Cambridge Weight Plan click here or call Lisa on 07960-119538.




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