VIDEO: The last push – Dry January pt 4

THIS week brought back memories of being on the cusp of another huge life change – when I was overdue with both my babies. I remember that smug warm glow of achievement after 41 weeks tinged with …boredom.

Admittedly I’ve only at the end of week three of Dry January but this week has dragged and I’m fed up. Everyday has felt like a Tuesday in terms of nothing exciting to drink or eat, just predictable and dull. Except for a Tunnock’s Tea Cake while watching Celebrity Big Brother – my new unhealthy addictions.

Whilst before we started this month’s booze and bread ban we were in a food rut we’re now in a vegetable rut and I’m sick of flavoured water, I think my tastebuds have gone on strike. Whereas in the past I used to get really excited about food, this week I just haven’t been bothered if I’ve missed meals or not – the last time I skipped breakfast and lunch was when I got flu. Proper serious flu.

Rather than whinging and feeling sorry for myself I should be looking up some carb free recipes  – I bet there are billions out there as this is a lifestyle change that I don’t intend to give up once I turn over the page on our kitchen calendar.

But no, instead we are winging it and trying to conjure things up at 7 o’clock at night when we’re tired, hungry and the contents of the fridge look as baffling as a Countdown conundrum.

But the end is in sight – we have two weeks left (until Friday, February 5) which means only one more weekend of monotony. One more Friday of sipping tonic water from a tumbler  – a wine glass is a step too far. Despite now feeling like I’m wading through treacle we haven’t wavered once and haven’t even contemplated having carbs or Cava.

For a recap on my Dry January so far, here’s the full story with videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I ate out on Thursday night and struggled to find something on the menu that didn’t come with chips, pasta, rice or bread so chose glazed pork ribs with salad (which was gorgeous) and drank sparking water. Both of the girls I was with were doing Dry January and the three of us spurred each other on – we all admitted that we’re feeling better and losing weight. Well done us.

One of the tyre around my waist has already deflated so my skirts now rest where they should instead of perched on top of my stomach bulge that was a mixture of bread and booze bloat.

It gives me a little rush of pride when I catch a glimpse of my slightly slimmer frame in the bedroom mirror and that alone gives me enough impetus to carry on – as my husband keeps on saying calmly “We’re on the right track”.

I read a really good article in The Pool this week about why, after a month of self-imposed abstinence, even more self control could be needed in February when alcohol is introduced again.

You can read it here:

Personally, I think a month is long enough to break the dependancy on booze but several sober spells are needed throughout the year to keep this mindset in check. I don’t drink in January (post Christmas) or September (after the summer holidays) but I would also like to introduce a month off in May ready for the barbecue binges and unforgiving flimsy dresses that do not go with control pants.

So two weeks left to go – the end is in sight and, just like being pregnant and 13 days overdue, the end result is most definitely worth it.