Steph McGovern joins Watchdog to present best consumer deals

PRESENTER Steph McGovern is joining consumer champion Watchdog when it returns to BBC One this autumn.

The refreshed line-up consists of Matt Allwright, Sophie Raworth, Michelle Ackerley and Nikki Fox as well as BBC Business Correspondent Steph, with Chris Hollins stepping down.

Millions of viewers have contacted the show with their complaints and tip-offs over its 30 years, so for the first time the BBC is also calling on the public to get involved and join the ‘Watchdog Army’ who will take on some of the most complained-about topics to the show.

In this new regular feature Steph McGovern from Middlesbrough will help turn the Watchdog Army of viewers into citizen journalists right across the UK, helping to answer some of the biggest consumer questions and showing how audiences can get the best deals and services.

Steph said: “With the Watchdog Army we’re putting viewers at the heart of the programme. I want everyone to get in touch so we can use your consumer woes and wins to inform viewers of the best and worst products and services out there.”

Watchdog Editor, Gareth Collett, explained: “We will provide reliable consumer advice as well as continuing to hold big companies to account in the way Watchdog viewers have come to expect, as well as introducing some exciting changes to be revealed later this year.”

Chris Hollins, who has decided to step down from Watchdog, added: “I’ve had a great time working on this brilliant show for the last six years but it’s time to move on to other projects. I wish the new team the very best of luck.”