Taking the plunge post mastectomy in Amoena swimwear

OK, when Express North magazine launched I was determined that there would be no ‘beach bodies’ pics – images that are designed to trigger insecurity and guilt, even shame. But the sentiment couldn’t be more different in these photos of swimwear designed for women who’ve had a mastectomy.

The brand Amoena launched in 1975 and, as the originator of the silicone breast form, its mission is to empower women and  improve their quality of life after breast surgery.

It specialises in lingerie, clothing and swimwear which comes with bilateral pockets to insert a breast form but can be worn by all.

Its pioneering breast forms come in an extensive range with the aim of helping women feel their very best. It designed the revolutionary Contact self-adhesive breast form that adheres directly to a woman’s chest wall, behaving just like a part of her own body.

And the incorporation of Comfort+ technology into the Energy breast form helps regulate the temperature between the breast form and the chest wall which ideal for women suffering from hot flushes caused by menopause or hormonal treatment.

Earlier this year Amoena issued an exciting casting call for women who had been through breast cancer to volunteer as models. They selected 10 brave, beautiful women from across Europe to be our #RealModels who walked in a fashion show at the Salon International de la Lingerie  – it doesn’t get more empowering than that.