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WHETHER you’re full of wanderlust and want an alternative to guidebooks or you’ve had the holiday of a lifetime and are eager to wallow in your new spiritual home, TripFiction features novels set in more than 1,200 countries, regions and cities worldwide.

The website is the brainchild of Tina Hartas and her husband, Tony, who have always loved to travel.

As an avid reader Tina, from Wylam in Northumberland, enjoy seeing places new and old through the eyes of different characters and authors. She even bravely took her children on an adventure to Australia when they were just four and 18-months-old.

“Works of fiction generate a feel for, and empathy with, a location that it quite different to that obtained through conventional travel guides,” Tina explained.

“Literature, modern or historical, can help us absorb atmosphere and context in a way that no other written word finds possible.

“It can be easy to get into a rut with books but this helps introduce readers to new authors as well as new places.”

The website, launched four years ago, allows readers to search by location, author and genre or cross reference all three. The most popular search, unsurprisingly, is Paris, as it’s such an inspiring city and so many books are set there.

TripFiction: Founder Tina Harts from Wylam in Northumberland.

TripFiction: Founder Tina Hartas from Wylam in Northumberland.

As well as each book on the site having a synopsis and a lead review there are also ratings by members of the TripFiction community, given for content how well it portrays the location.

Although widely travelled, Tina still enjoys visiting different countries, she recently visited India, enjoys Asia and is keen to explore Burma and South America.

Not only does the website afford holidaymakers an insight into their temporary home but it also lets armchair escape to foreign lands for the price of a paperback.

“What we need is people to help up build Tripfiction by leaving reviews of books they have read. About 90 per cent of authors really, really struggle so leaving a review can help them as well as us,” said Tina, who is also a couples counsellor.

On the site, which is part-funded by ‘click throughs’ to online bookseller, Amazon, there is also a young adult section on the site for younger readers planning a gap year or just wanting to expand their reading, as well as discussion forum.

Looking to explore a new holiday destination? Visit

Looking to explore a new holiday destination? Visit

New books arrive daily at the Hartas housing hoping to be reviewed and make it into the website. The latest reviews are for Tampa by Alissa Nutting and The Beach Hut by Cassandra Parkin as well as a blog post on novels set in Guernsey.

Tina added: “Books set in location offer great holiday reading. They help us get under the skin of a place in a way that is quite different to a conventional travel guide.”


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