VIDEO: Dry January pt 6 – the big weigh-in and other revelations

FLASH back to five weeks ago and I thought I’d be pouring Pinot over my cereal and slurping Sauvignon Blanc though a straw by lunch but, after five weeks of Dry January, sobriety now tastes too good.

To be honest, I’ve surprised myself. I vowed I wouldn’t get all evangelical about my abstinence but I’ve come to cherish this serene feeling of wellbeing and I don’t want a hangover to muck it all up.

Don’t get me wrong, I did drink this weekend but it didn’t dictate my moods and I treated it as a treat.

And I still haven’t had any carbs – the children have been devouring baked potatoes and buttered toast all month and I haven’t had a crumb – I’m saving myself for hot cross buns.

My tummy is definitely thanking me for laying off the bread. I looked about five months pregnant on New Year’s Eve but my bloated belly has thankfully deflated and I can (almost) see my toes.

In the last instalment of my Dry January video diary I talk about five things I’ve discovered over the course of the month and I reveal if I’ve lost weight by cutting out my beloved Cava and carbs….Cheers!


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